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94 Locating Regiment R.A.

The following article is a brief shot at producing a thumb nail history of 94 Locating Regiment Royal Artillery. From the conception of Locating during the First World War 10 the time the Regiment went into suspended animation in September 1993.

I am in debted to John Powell for a copy of his Lecture Notes and to all the readers of "Everywhere." who have sent me little snippets to add to the overall picture would hasten to add that this is by no means an official document or absolutely correct in every detail, but a layman's attempt to lay down some facts and to encourage discussion and probably answer some of the questions I often get through the letters to the magazine.

I am expecting and indeed look forward to some letters telling me which parts are dubious or incorrect, and please rest assured no offence will be taken by your observations. Who knows maybe one day we may have an accurate and concise History as a result of your endeavours.

John Bensley.